"Gun Dog Training and Field Bred Retrievers for the Discriminating Hunter" 


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Avian Zink

Our Chesapeakes

Fischer's Kennels“BEAR”

(Ch Silver Creek Sport MH X Marpa’s Muddy Water Sadie JH)
OFA: excellent
Cerf: CB-5934
PRA: A-1
Weight : 75 pounds
At first Bear was just a hunting dog,  he was not FF till he was over two years of age, he got his first AKC SH pass before being FF.   Bear never saw a mark over 50 yds until he was about a year and a half old.  He had picked up close to a 1,000 wild birds before his first hunt test (I do some guiding). We got talked into trying a hunt test and were hooked. The adjustment from hunting to HT was a little hard at first, lots of bad habits were picked up from hunting, cheating and breaking mostly.  It would be neat to see were he’d be if he had better early training.

Bear has done well in HT but hunting  is were he really shines he  has picked up  close to 3,000 birds.  He is bird crazy and has a nose that  is better then I‘ve seen on any retriever.   He is very athletic and has excellent conformation.  As good as he is waterfowl hunting he might  even be better in the uplands, he’s a pheasant machine.
Bear’s Pedigree            


CK's Hawk of Montauk MH-QAA  (female)

(Bur Oak’s Unique Trapper*** X   Montauk’s Speed of Sound JH***)
OFA: Hip N/A
Cerf: CB-6441/2010 normal
PRA: A-1 #10-5506 clear
EIC: Clear
Weight: 55 pounds

Hawk is a 55 pound stylish, athletic girl. She is a very good marker and as trainable as I’ve ever worked with, she is a real team player, her blinds are phenomenal. Before her second birthday she had a derby 4th, Qual RJ and 3 MH passes.  Hawk got her MH title at 2.5 years of age.  Hawk became Qaa as a 3 year old by winning a 29 dog all breed Q. She placed in 4 of her last 7 qualifying entries.  Hawk will continue to run some All age stakes.  She is a true team player.   Along with being a super talented field dog Hawk is also the sweetest most laid back house dog you could ever ask for.


Hawk’s Pedigree


Tobacco Root Cub SH   (male)

(CK's Backwater Bear SH X CK's Mo Money MH)
Cub is one of the most intense retrievers I have worked with, he is fearless, there is no retrieve to tough in his mind.  A super athletic dog, he has a water entry second to none.  Cub like his father Bear got a very late start in the Hunt Test game, he was five years old when we started his advanced training, with about 4-5 months of training he breezed through his AKC Senior Hunter Title.  He is an excellent marker and has a never quit attitude.
OFA: Excellent 
Cerf: Normal
PRA: Clear by parentage
EIC: Clear

Cub's Pedigree


CK's Pay Piper MH (Tobacco Root Cub SH x CK's Hawk of Montauk MH***)

Fischer's KennelsDOB: 1-25-11
Ofa: Good CB-10160G24F-PI
Cerf: CB-371343
DM: Clear N/N CB-DM1037/1F-NOPI
PRA: Clear by Parentage
EIC: Clear by Parentage
Elbows: Normal    

 Piper is a product of our Chesapeake breeding program.  Not only is she very talented but she has great looks to boot.  She is a hard running, excellent marking,  super animated retriever, she's fun to watch.  Piper received her first AKC Master Hunter pass at the tender age of 16 months and titled at 2.3 years of age, passing 5 straight tests, beating out her mother to become the youngest Chesapeake  MH in MN history. We also plan to put Piper in the show ring.  Piper has proven to be a pure natural out hunting,  she is one of the most stylish upland dogs I’ve seen.

Piper's Pedigree