Our Chessies

Our Chesapeake Bay retriever breeding program has become one of the top in the county.  We have spared no expense, bringing in the best genetics available from all over the continent while also trying to avoid “popular sire” syndrome.  We have a distinct advantage, being a full-time training facility, we are fortunate to work with numerous young chessies from breeders across the country.  We also travel and compete against the best in the country.  It allows us to evaluate and introduce lines to our breeding program that we feel will strengthen our breeding program.  

I am first and foremost a very avid waterfowl and upland hunter but I also enjoy running and competing with my dogs in AKC hunt test and field trials.  So, I expect my dogs to be a hard-core hunting companion, competitors and they also need to be a great family pet, most of my dogs spend a great deal of time in the house.

*** I breed chessies to get a dog that I like, period.  My hope is that what I like and what you like might be similar or one in the same. ***

I like a high drive dog, not to be confused with a hyper dog.  A dog who would kill him/herself to get a bird but also knows how to relax.  I like an intelligent dog that is a team player and doesn’t require constant correction, one that the average hunter can handle.  I love an athletic dog on the smaller side of the breed standard.   A few other things that are very important to me, temperament, scenting ability, innate hunting ability/bird sense, functional conformation and of course health.  We always keep the “whole dog” in mind when making breeding decisions.     

Couple things I go out of my way to avoid.  Many of these traits are very prevalent in the breed:

Being overly vocal, hard mouth, health issues, temperament issues, reproductive issues, lack of preydrive.

The Boys:

CK’s Backwater Brody

(BurOak’s Here’s Winston MH-QA2 x Harvest Truly Outragous SH**)

Brody is proving to be everything we hoped for in a stud dog.  He is one of the fastest most athletic chessies you will ever see.  He is a very good marker and runs great blinds. 

Brody is of outstanding temperament and health.  We are really liking what we are seeing in his offspring.    Brody will be finishing up his MH title in 2019 and then transition to field trial work. 





(Grand Oak’s He’s No Boy Scout MH-QA2 x CK’s Bet on Decks MH-QAA)
OFA: pre-lim Good
PRA: Clear by parentage
EIC: Clear
Rip is the total package, he’s got looks, pedigree and talent.  He took 3rd place at the National Chesapeake Field Trial in the Sr Puppy Division.  Keep an eye on this guy.

 Craig co-owns Rip with hunting partner Adam Noble.


The Girls:

CK’s Hawk of Montauk MH-QA2

(Bur Oak’s Unique Trapper*** X   Montauk’s Speed of Sound JH***)
OFA: Hip
Cerf: CB-6441/2010 normal
PRA: A-1 #10-5506 clear
EIC: Clear
Weight: 55 pounds

Hawk is a 55 pound stylish, athletic girl. She is a very good marker and as trainable as I’ve ever worked with, she is a real team player, her blinds are phenomenal. Before her second birthday she had a derby 4th, Qual RJ and 3 MH passes.  Hawk got her MH title at 2.5 years of age.  Hawk became Qaa as a 3 year old by winning a 29 dog all breed Q. She placed in 4 of her last 7 qualifying entries.  Hawk has continued to run some All age Open stakes, she has an Open 2nd and multiple Open jams.  She is a true team player.   Along with being a super talented field dog Hawk is also the sweetest most laid back house dog you could ever ask for.  She is an excellent mother and proven producer of talented field dogs.

CK’s Pay Piper MH***

 (Tobacco Root Cub SH x CK’s Hawk of Montauk MH-QA2)

DOB: 1-25-11
Ofa: Good CB-10160G24F-PI

Elbows: Normal
Cerf: CB-371343
DM: Clear N/N CB-DM1037/1F-NOPI
PRA: Clear by Parentage
EIC: Clear by Parentage


 Piper is a product of our Chesapeake breeding program.  Not only is she very talented but she has great looks to boot.  She is a hard running, excellent marking,  super animated retriever, she’s fun to watch.  Piper received her first AKC Master Hunter pass at the tender age of 16 months and titled at 2.3 years of age, passing 5 straight tests.  Piper became qualified all age with an Open Jam.   Piper has proven to be an excellent gundog and mother.  She is a proven producer of good looking, talented field dogs.

CK’s Bet on Decks MH***

(DC AFC Gamblers Dilwyn-Stacked Deck MH x CK’s Hawk of Montauk MH-QA2)

OFA: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Cerf: Normal
PRA: Clear
EIC: Clear

Betsy has lived up to her royal pedigree becoming one of the youngest chessies in history to earn both a Master Hunter title (2.1) and QAA status (2.3).  She is super talented and a joy to be around and train.   She has also proven to be an excellent family, hunting dog and is also an excellent mother.



CK’s Watch where You Step

(Grand Oak’s He’s No Boy Scout MH-QA2 x CK’s Bet on Decks MH-QAA)
OFA: pre-lim Good

PRA: Clear by parentage

EIC: Clear

DM: Clear by parentage

Don’t let the name fool you, Turd is a good looking little girl with a great and slightly unique pedigree.  She took 2nd place in the Sr Puppy division at the National Chesapeake Field Trial Specialty in 2018.   She is proving to be a very good marker.  We are very excited about this young lady.

CK’s Tootsie Roll JH

(HRCH Oakponds Turbo Charger MH x CK’s Pay Piper MH***)
OFA: Good
Elbows: Normal
Cerf: Normal
PRA: Clear  by parentage
EIC: Clear by parentage
DM: Clear by parentage

Tootsie was dealt a tough hand at birth, her mother accidentally crushed her right rear foot while chewing through her umbilical cord.  We did a couple surgeries attempting to reconstruct her foot but they were only somewhat successful saving only one of her toes.  SO you now know how she got her name. Despite her disability, Tootsie has turned into a first-class gundog and enjoys the HT game.   She is a very good-looking girl with a great pedigree.  Tootsie is co-owned by Craig and Josh Tritabaugh.